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Beginning Teacher Questionnaire

In order to build a mentoring program for beginning teachers that will meet all of YOUR needs + exceed your expectations, I want to hear from directly YOU.

What you would want to see in a program to support you on your teaching journey.

​This questionnaire, along with your honesty, has enabled me to continue to grow the mentorship program and meet the needs of all those who join. I am extremely proud to say it has a 99% satisfaction rate...

I have some thank you gifts for your honesty and time on completing the questionnaire, which you will receive via email OR taken directly to the gifts once you hit the submit button at the end.

work smarter, not harder

STEP 1: Fill in the Questionnaire below

For every 10 teachers who complete this form, 9 of them report similar experiences around the lack of support resulting in exhaustion and stress. This is appalling to me, that the system is creating the stress for our passionate early career teachers!!!


The lack of support is reported to come from 2 sources:

  • the first is the lack of preparation that university in their training / degree. Graduate teachers are starting their careers with little preparation for 'real world' teaching and resulting in high stress, impacting mental health and damaging self confidence;

  • the second is the lack of mentoring once you become a teacher + the "invisible" expectations that graduate teachers 'know how to teach; is even more evident and the stress consequently results in 50% of teachers in their first 5 years leaving the industry;

These figures are absolutely NOT acceptable to me and I am determined to make real change for young teachers NOW... one by one.

This questionnaire is 100% confidential + your honesty in responding to these questions will help me to create REAL CHANGE for teachers and support amazing passionate individuals  just like you, at the classroom level!!!

Q2: if you are a graduate teacher who hasn't started teaching yet, please tick the first box and go to Q3. If you have been teaching for 6+ months, select the second box and answer all of Q2 in relation to your experiences.

Q2. Which of the following are you experiencing OR have you experienced? select the boxes that match your experiences since starting teaching.
Q4. Please select the items below that would expect or value in a mentorship + reduce your stress + support you to be the teacher you want to become? (select as many as you want -there is a 'all of th above' as the final option).

"A well-mentored new teacher is three times more likely to stay in the game. But more experienced teachers often aren't willing to take on these additional mentoring roles; their workload is

already beyond capacity."

Professor Ewing, University of Sydney.

Q7. If a mentorship had (i) over 90% of your selections in Q4, (i) enabled you to reduce the experiences you listed in Q2 and Q3, and (iii) was designed to get you to 5+ years Q5... would you consider this a wise investment in your self ?
FACT (1).png


Your contribution and honesty is much appreciated! I personally read each questionnaire to help guide the content and inclusions for the Savvy Teachers Mentorship Program in order to make real change NOW for beginning teachers + empower them with tools to build confidence.

Thank you for taking time out of your day to fill in the questionnaire and help show me where the gaps are for beginning teachers.

I have some thank you teaching gifts coming your way worth over $180, so check your emails shortly! If they don't turn up, please contact me asap!

Beginning Teachers are some of the most enthusiastic + passionate individuals who are being let down by the lack of training and support!!

Helping them reduce stress & providing the teaching tools / training / documents / so they can finally feel confident is the most rewarding work I have ever been apart of!

This survey will ensure I include mentoring + training to help YOU specifically where you need.

This is my promise to all my mentees. If you tell me where you need support, I will build it + add it to the program!


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