Mentoring Questionnaire

In order to build an ultimate mentoring program for beginning teachers that will exceed your expectations, I want to hear from YOU directly. What you would want to see in a mentoring program to help you on your teaching journey.
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STEP 1: Fill in the Questionnaire below

For every 10 teachers who complete this form, 9 of them report the same experiences around the extreme lack of support. The first is how little university has prepared them for practicums and being a classroom teacher, which I call, 'real world' teaching. The lack of preparation is resulting in high stress, impacting mental health and damaging self confidence. The same teachers, then report the lack of support once you become a teacher is even more evident and the stress consequently results in over 50% of teachers in their first 5 years leave the industry.  These figures are absolutely NOT acceptable to me and I am determined to help teachers! This questionnaire is 100% confidential + your honesty in responding to these questions will help me to make real changes and support amazing passionate teachers like you!

This list has been compiled from the 2000+ responses over the past 2 years from beginning teachers who filled in this form. Should you want to add an area, please feel free in question 4.


An individual who wants to become great in their chosen career, understands the value of investing into learning from an experience person who has travelled down the path you are on and achieved success. They recognise the value of having a person focussed on helping them be successful, navigate the journey and prepare them for what's ahead, sharpen skills, fast track learning, where to make adjustments to get greater results + share their skills, knowledge, insights & experiences to save them time, stress and pain... giving them an edge over others in their field or industry.

Having a mentor who empowers them to pursue their goals, dreams, achievements, widen their knowledge, how to learn efficiently, located effective tools + the encouragement to reach their full potential... is one of the best investments you can make in yourself.

8. What would you be willing to invest in YOU, so you can access the support, mentoring + resources you selected in point 3... to alivate the stress and issues you listed in point 4 ? (select as many as you like below)

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Your contribution and honest is much appreciated! I personally read each questionnaire to help guide the content and inclusions for the Savvy Teachers Mentorship Program.

Thank you for taking time out of your day to fill in the questionnaire and help show me where the gaps are for beginning teachers.

I have some thank you teaching gifts coming your way worth over $180, so check your emails shortly! If they don't turn up, please contact me asap!

Beginning Teachers are some of the most enthusiastic + passionate individuals who are being let down by the lack of training and support!!

Helping them reduce stress & providing the teaching tools / training / documents / so they can finally feel confident is the most rewarding work I have ever been apart of!

This survey will ensure I include mentoring + training to help YOU specifically where you need.

This is my promise to all my mentees. If you tell me where you need support, I will build it + include it!