The Mentorship Club was created for those individuals wanting tools, strategies and a support to navigate the challenges in their teaching career without suffering burnout. There is no perfect program BUT I do believe that Savvy Teachers Club will exceed your expectations in content + strategies for your teaching career (both pre-service and classroom teaching). To see if it's a good fit for you... fill in the form below and watch the video (all response are 100% confidential).

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STEP 2: Fill in the Questionnaire below

2) Tertiary education systems are not preparing teachers for running classrooms for the 21s Century & this is causing stress and burnout. In which areas below do you need more support, guidance OR perhaps training to help you feel confident and competent as a teacher? (select as many as you like)
4) Based on the areas you selected in #2, has this caused you to become stressed, overwhelmed, lost confidence, sick, anxious... to the point that you have felt any of the following.... (select which appliy to you).
7) If this coaching/mentoring program has been valued @ $4,500-$5000 due to its contents, training, resource list, support options + extraordinary amount of inclusions, how much are you willing to invest in you, so you can navigate your teaching career with confidence, less stress & greater self esteem + access coaching to help you live a limitless happy life?

Making Decisions for YOU...

The Savvy Teachers Club was created for those individuals wanting to invest in themselves, get access to the tools, resources and support to become a great teacher who ​empowers others and lives a life of purpose & fun.

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