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Our mission statement:

"Nurture & inspire  pre-service + beginning teachers by equipping them with the tools, skills and strategies to become  confident  educators..."

Teacher Mentoring Program

over 550+hrs of teacher mentoring on 30 topics... BONUS 100+hrs teacher mentoring for your teacher life + Bonus Behaviour Management System 



Behaviour Management

Teacher Wellness

Assessment & Reporting

Professional Development

Parent Teacher& IEP's

and more...

Teacher Mentoring Program

We have an online self paced Teacher Mentoring Program for participants to go through during their year of teaching.

You will have access to the most amazing Mentors, other beginning teachers who are in the same place as you. 
Valued @ over $4300 it is only $397 for members

Beginning Teacher Tribe

Become a member today and access our VIP teacher mentoring group where you can chat to other beginning teachers and more experienced teachers 24/7.​

We run monthly challenges, share teacher hacks, teaching methods and discuss the teacher life!

You will never be alone again!

Online Courses...

As a member of Savvy Teachers, you have access to a library of online courses, which will be growing in 2020 & beyond for all types areas within teaching.


Specifically designed for beginning teachers in a casual format to access when you want online. 

Try our FREE course for Teacher Applications to help design your application and resume.

Professional Development

Members will be able to access a Professional Development (PD) area that has some link, videos, articles and more... self directed PD links for their professional growth and development as a teacher.

Pod Casts

Coming in 2020...

Talking, sharing, laughing, mentoring...

Teacher Wellness

Maintaining a balanced lifestyle is extremely

difficult in the teaching profession and is the 

main cause of teacher burn out. Collaboratively we share stress relievers and keep each other accountable.


We have wonderful companies who are providing SAVVY TEACHERS with amazing prizes and giveaways each month worth $$$ Paid memberships are automatically registered into each draw 

Private Coaching

Being a member of Savvy Teachers, which is enrolling in any of our courses, you can access private coaching for your life or teaching career @ a discounted rate. This is a game changer 

Teacher Inspiration

"You can't pour from an empty cup"

It is vital to keep your inspiration tank full so you can be at your best when teaching. We share our own strategies!

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Savvy Teachers is a mentoring network for beginning teachers in Australia.